Monday, July 18, 2011

Manequim 625 July 2011

I'm ashamed to say that despite loving loads of the styles in Manequim, I have made exactly ONE thing.  In a year.  That's a feeble effort isn't it.

And to add to the 'to do' list is Manequim 625.
First, some hippyish, romantic inspired styles from a TV show, including this blouse and dress.
Next up 'Neat and chic', including this nice top in 3 sizes.
The 'Inspired by...' section this month is Gucci.  Love this dress.
Next 'Black & White' with a jacket, cullottes, summery top and this dress.
A section I don't think I've seen in a magazine before, but what a useful idea.  Wedding looks, but not for the bride.  Described as the best clothes for bridesmaids, mothers of the couple and guests, for different times and types of ceremonies.   
I think the next section is 'Winter from North to South'.   This coat looks quite plain until you look at the fabulously pleated sleeves. 
And last but not least, love this whole outfit (only the pattern for the coat is in the magazine though).  


  1. The problem about winter is that at the south of Brazil we have ice and some snow but at north is hot, even in winter, so the magazine has to show clothes for all places and weathers

  2. It is hard to keep up isn't it, 'm way behind on Burda and Patrones patterns that I want to make someday, I'd better not add Mannequim even though it looks so tempting!

  3. I have to echo Allison's comment. I have more patterns than I can sew in a lifetime - Burda mags, some Patrones, lots of Vogue and some of the other big 3. I'm now just looking online for inspiration and then finding the pattern from what I already have.

  4. My list of sewing things is definitely not getting any shorter either, I need to find my sewing mojo, and I hope you find yours too!