Saturday, July 9, 2011

Patrones 306

Despite having loads of perfectly reasonable patterns do you ever get obsessed with making the one pattern that you can't get your hands on?  Burda Mags usually arrive here like clockwork - except for this month.   I've got the fabric... the scissors are poised but pattern.  I really want to make this one.  
Anyone else thinking that the July and August Burdas are looking quite promising?  Well, maybe except the Dalek cape.  
There may be no Burda but a Patrones arrived.  The Vacation edition.  As I'm currently huddled over the heater there isn't much for me here at the moment but for anyone needing floaty cotton dresses, this is your month.  
First section is beachwear.   A maxidress, the cover shortsuit, plain baggy tshirt, mini skirt and a couple of loose cotton tops.   This dress is sweet.
Next 'Travel Light'.   This dress looks really interesting when you look at the diagram.
The next section is nude, lingerie-ish dresses.  There are a couple of nice layered looks.
6 holidayish cotton dresses.  The blue one has potential.
The larger size section has some casual cotton pants and tops.
Finally a summer dress, dungarees, top and shorts for girls.
And the next mag is advance Autumn - yay!  I love all the Autumn ones.  Although 26 August does seem like a long time away.


  1. Well I have the Burda but no Patrones yet so thanks for the preview, some promising things in there. I agree that Burda seems to have got a bit better lately, lets hope it continues. And that your issue arrives soon!

  2. I'm always obsessing about patterns yet to arrive on our newsstands. Funny thing is, when I get them I usually don't sew them. Figure that out Dr Freud!