Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vogue 1098 Anne Klein jacket

This is one of those projects that came out much better than I expected and I keep looking at it and thinking 'awww'.
The pattern is Vogue V1098, an Anne Klein style.  Described as 'lined jacket has front and back yokes, two piece raglan sleeves with shaped lower sleeves, lower buttonhole opening along yoke seam and topstitching'.
I made this a few weeks ago but found I didn't have anything to wear it with.  Gabrielle from Up Sew Late and I had a bit of an unofficial sew along.  I love her blue version.  From the pattern envelope the recommended fabrics are silk tweed, linen and denim but it seems perfect in a wool.   It needs something with a bit of weight and not much drape

Anyone who also partook of the huge and wonderful selection of Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren fabrics on a couple of years ago may recognise the jacket and dress materials.  The jacket is a RL eggplant wool melton and the dress is a charcoal Vera Wang poly jersey.  
 I did make some changes:
  • I left off the collar.  Should have taken a photo of it before and after, but it makes quite a difference.  Without the collar it looked sort of sculptural.   With collar it looked like a vintage jacket...worn by Miss Marple.  It may just be me but even on the model the collar looks smallish.   
  • To take account of the lack of collar I made a facing and attached that to the lining.
  • The pattern has a buttonhole by way of a gap in the bottom of the yoke seam.   For the rest this jacket screams for bound buttonholes.  Knowing that my interest would have evaporated before the first buttonhole was finished mine has none of those lovely features - it has covered snaps.  
Likes:  The interesting sleeves.  The lovely design lines.  It has nice back and front yoke seaming.  And it's very easy to make.
Dislikes:  Actually, not a dislike, more a caveat.  Given the shape and the fact that the sleeves are 3/4 length, it isn't the most versatile jacket.   It needs something simple and long sleeved underneath.   
I ended up making a version of the Vogue 1179 dress to go under it.   This is another one of those perfect DKNY patterns. 
As mentioned, this is made in a Vera Wang Lavender charcoal poly jersey.  The sleeves are from Vogue 1194.


  1. We have so many patterns in common. Love your new jacket. Can I ask what sleeves you used on the Vogue dress. I originally bought it as a summer pattern but am included to add sleeves to use us some winter knit fabric in my stash.

  2. This is a great fall outfit, I like the jacket without the collar and with snaps, it does make it look edgy and modern.

  3. What a great outfit! It looks very modern and perfect for fall.

  4. Oh I'm so pleased to see it! It looks beautiful on you and rather expensive; I'll bet this will get a lot of admiring comments out and about. I completely agree on what to wear it with too - a simple long sleeved dress is perfect. BTW they look like a superior quality of covered snaps, and a much better colour match than the regular shiny steel look...

  5. I have this pattern but something about the jacket was too prissy to me. When you showed the collarless version and mentioned the sculptural look, I was blown away. It looks so much better without the collar. Now where is my copy of the pattern?

  6. Hey, don't knock Ms Marple! She is awesome. Though uh, I do confess, my wardrobe envy of her begins and ends with her hats, certainly not her jackets!

    That is a lovely colour, and the jacket looks great on you. And I do like the philosophy of not having anything suitable to wear the with the jacket, so making up a dress :-D

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I answered there, but not sure if you got it, so just to say, I had lunch in Kununurra once, and all through there is beautiful country :-)

    I'll be in Fremantle at the end of August so secretly I am glad the winter is easing up a bit down there :-P