Thursday, June 30, 2011

Burda 3/2009 109 The Pinguino

Can you get Blogger's Block?  I think I've got it.  Work has been busy and I have a numb head.

Remember the dress that I decided to sew at 8pm the night before I was planning to wear it to a fancy awards night.  And didn't wear. Of course.  I have 'fixed' it, although the 'fixing' was a bit of mixed bag. 
Issues: Sleeves too long and it slunk back over the shoulders during wearing so the  back quickly became longer than the front.  The bib was a little jarring/big.  Plus, the bib fabric was maybe too shiny.   On the other hand, it does have potential as a nice going to a bar or dinner kind of dress.
I should give up the pretence with dresses - any dress I make is going to end up chopped into a work top isn't it - and voila! 
Changes: Sleeves shortened (A-). Bib recut in non shiny fabric - I didn't have enough of the black fabric to make it smaller (B-) and shortened to a tunic (hmmm... a C-?).   It does look a little high necked which I may need to address.

It's very conservative looking isn't it?  I feel like it needs an accessory (a beak and a baby penguin, or a nun's wimple spring to mind).

I had made a plain cream version of this before (much better).  The details for how to make this were on earlier posts Tuxedo-blouse-109C.
The shiny fabric at the bottom and the cuffs is a silk foil chiffon that was one of the wonderful Vera Wang fabrics that had for a steal a couple of years ago.
Overall assessment: This is going to be a work top which will be worn but I wouldn't say that it was a wholly successful project. Better as a dress methinks.  Or I like the cream version better.   
Now, how can I score an invite for Happy Feet 2 - I have just the outfit.


  1. Great save, I love the blouse version.

  2. Well I like it! I don't think that I would characterize it as conservative so much as chic and elegant

  3. I really liked this pattern when I saw it in the magazine, but I don't look good in fluid, no shape dresses. Your blouse version is so classy looking, but I don’t think it is being worn to its potential with matching black pants or skirt. I am sure a professional stylist would come up with some really killer looks using your blouse. I have no skills in that area. I have some black blouses going unworn myself so I Googled "what to wear with black blouse". Some suggestions that came up were to pair it with jeans, maybe roll up the sleeves, for a mix of formal and casual. Or for work , with a medium blue (not navy) pants or skirt and colorful accessories – belts, shoes, jewelry. (I love those shoes you are wearing with the dress!) Other suggestions were wearing it with a black/other color tweed skirt or pants. That would keep the dark silhouette, below the bib, which will attract the eye first because of the color, but add some interest. Or a skirt in a dark print (no white). I am going to try some of these ideas with my black blouses.

  4. This post made me laugh. That new Jim Carey movie has penguins in too :)

  5. I really liked it as a dress on you. But the blouse looks great too, especially with trousers.