Monday, June 13, 2011

Burda 03/2011 Blouse

I'm not sure if this blouse is nice or terrifying.  I'll have to see a photo of myself in it to check that it isn't OTT.  It looks rather '70s on.

The fabric is a printed silk habutae from Textile Traders.
This is Model 104 from Burda 03/2011 with a substitute collar from Vogue 1127.   So this dress but cut shorter as a blouse:
With this collar.
Basically the only difference from Vogue 1127 is that this blouse has long gathered raglan sleeves and no tie, rather than being sleeveless.

The instructions are very straightforward.  That pattern is for a lined dress but the blouse is unlined.  It is essentially a simple style.  My only issue was that the shoulders are created with a dart at the top of the sleeves, but having narrow shoulders it looks a bit squarer on the shoulders than the magazine photo. 
Ah yes, the third blouse with the collar from 1127 - and I don't even usually like high necked tops!   Instead of having a centre back seam and zip this was cut on the fold with a faced back neck slit.

The collar is a 45 x 49 cm rectangle cut on the bias.  The 45 cm side is the neck edge.   For this fabric which didn''t stretch much on the bias I wish I'd made it a bit wider - it's slightly strangly.
The only other change was  that instead of elasticated sleeves I did a bias strip. 

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  1. I like how you have combined two patterns to get the look that you want for this blouse. Your fabric is beautiful - I love the print and colours.