Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Manequim 624

My recent sewing productivity consists of a blouse that I thought was the bee's knees until I saw a photo of myself in it (alterations obviously required), 1 jacket (no fastenings as yet), one unpicked Evil Dress in pieces and, finally, a teetering pile of cut out things.   So, here follows a review of Manequim 624. 

I sent an email to Manequim asking if there is any means by which people outside Brazil can buy their downloadable patterns.   They have some great online patterns but you need a Brazilian ID number (I think - from my experiments) and address.  Response ... silence.  Mind you, by the time I had translated my message via online translation I hope it made sense.  Oh well.  It was worth a try. 

Manequim 624.  This is a rather glamorous dress on the cover. 
First up, a section on knitting and crochet - a waistcoat, beanies and scarf.  The patterns are on the website. 
Next the usual TV character inspired feature - but various actors this time in a feature called 'Stylish At Any Age.'  They do have a good range in Manequim - here are 2 jackets, a blouse, dress and trousers.
A dress section.   This red dress is cute - the shoulder thingys just seem to be a rectangle of fabric gathered in the middle.
Michael Kors is the designer featured this month in the 'inspired by....' feature.   This top looks practical.
Next is a coat feature with a furry jacket, a very nice short wool trench coat, blazer, cape and this interesting jacket.
My favourite is this one - very simple.
There is a section on 'Stylish Couples'.  Including of course Kate and William.
And there are bloke clothes in this Manequim - a jacket and tuxedo style shirt.
Finally a Retro Chic section.  I quite like this blouse. 
Although these trousers look rather scary.  You would have to be very tall to get away with these.
Now where did I put those jacket snaps?  


  1. *facepalm*
    I have been reading (And enjoying!) your blog for ages and only just realised I was pronouncing Manequim with an n at the end, not m.

    Anyway, that is all I was gonna say - that and that I enjoy your blog :-)

  2. Mannequin magazine is definitely tempted. but I have so many unused patterns! Good luck with completing your garments.

  3. The red dress and the cowl dress are awesome. I'm having a Manequim giveaway on my blog at the moment so if you know anyone hankering for one send them my way.