Monday, May 31, 2010

Pattern organising and next projects

The jacket I've been making for weeks shall not be mentioned!   Oh dear..... so... so not going well.   My sewing form is really off of late.   I'll post some pics of the jacket when I'm not quite so despondent about it.  It wasn't looking so great on the dressform and then when I tried it on .... oh dear!  How can one jacket highlight every single bad body feature? 

Until I work up the courage to start something new, it is back to basics - organising my patterns!  At the moment I have piles of pattern mags and plastic storage boxes of patterns and can't find a thing.  Nothing scientific in the organising method - I'm copying the pics and yardage details on the printer and putting them in plastic envelopes in a ring binder.  Voila!

While I'm at it, I'm planning what to make next and what to make when my long service leave starts (31 days to go....... but am I counting?).  I've never tried a a Sewing With a Plan (SWAP) wardrobe, but may try one - or actually 2.   Don't think I'd try entering into a SWAP competition as I'd just end up stressing, but the concept sounds great.  From what I understand, a standard SWAP wardrobe is 11 items:
  • 6 tops
  • 4 bottoms
  • 1 other of your choice.
The themes I am thinking of are:
  • A wardrobe of urban casuals (e.g. cargo pants, t shirts and easy to wear but funky clothes).  Currently I have work clothes and ... ummm work clothes. 
  • A wardrobe of dressier clothes made from Vera Wang fabrics.  I bought a ton of Vera Wang fabrics from and haven't made anything out of them yet, though they go together beautifully. 
Meanwhile, I've come across a couple of things I'd like to make next.   I will be making a MUSLIN first given my current crap sewing form!  The first, this cute jacket from Burda - Style 107 of December 2009.

 Or this great coat from Knipmode last year......

Though the Knipmode coat looks a little daunting fitting wise - turning this into a coat for a short person may be a bit of a task.  I'm leaning towards the black Burda jacket given my current lack of form.

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