Sunday, May 23, 2010

Patrones 291 Blouse

Back home and have finished the blouse from the Spanish pattern magazine - Patrones (#291).  I wasn't that keen on this blouse when I first made it as it looked a bit like I had sewn the top and bottom of two separate blouses together .  See the photos from my earlier posts on this and you may see what I mean.  However, washing has done the trick - the fabric has softened up a bit and it all sits better.    

This is a mandarin collar blouse with front bib with curved seam and pleats.   The basic steps for making are set out in my earlier posts.

It has a lot of hanger appeal and looks good on the dress form.  Not quite so great on me but I will be wearing it to work.  It would probably look best on slimmer, less curvy body types (doesn't everything?).  I'm not sure the design lines are the most flattering for a rectangle like me as the curved seam goes horizontally across the mid part of the body and tends to make my waist look wider than it already is.

The top on me - it is a dark, rainy day and this unfortunately was the best pic I could get with the aid a bit of photo lightening.

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