Friday, May 21, 2010

Iphones, Fabric Stash and Kununurra

Yesterday was my birthday and I got an Iphone!  I'm ecstatic.  I'm still on the basics at the moment, but I've been thinking of all the wonderful and useful applications that I can download to make my life one of order and calm versus my usual state of disorganisation... (I can dream!).

So now being a lucky Iphone owner myself - whilst having my morning coffee and browsing through my list of favourite sites I came across this Threads article.  The Iphone application for me!  A mate of mine with a fabulous wardrobe has her fave - Touch Closet. Is this the fabric version of Touch Closet?  iPod App Tracks Your Fabric Stash - Threads  Posted using ShareThis

I'm not generally a hoarder - unless it comes to fabric. A couple of years ago I sent a huge amount to the Op Shop, only to acquire even more than I got rid of.  Boxes and bags of fabric were stuffed into cupboards until they were bursting.  As I couldn't find anything at all, I finally spent weekends going through every piece and setting up an index card system. I have a card for each piece of fabric with a swatch, length, width, where I bought it where it is in my house and what it is made of. 

I doubt Fabric Stash can replace being able to feel and compare swatches, but hey, it looks fab. A lot more portable. Wonder what other sewing wonders Iphone applications has to offer....

Otherwise, still on my work trip in Kununurra and having a great time.  Kununurra is, by the way, at the very north of Western Australia, near the Northern Territory border. The countryside around here is spectacular, and incidentally is where quite a bit of the Nicole Kidman / Hugh Jackman movie Australia was filmed (minus the special effect kangaroos).

Kununurra is also approximately 3206 kilometres away from my sewing machine!

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