Friday, May 28, 2010

The world's most expensive dachshund

It is a cold and rainy night tonight - and I am alone! Which means a bit of sewing time! Bliss...

Back to Vogue 1143 which has been on hiatus while I found the requisite buckle - with no prong and wide enough for a 5cm belt.  I came across this Australian vintage site Button Bower.  Haven't tried ordering from them yet but how cute is the 1940s buckle below?   They didn't have anything wide enough for this jacket, though, so I ended up at Les Bon Ribbon in the US - heaps of different kinds and styles.

These 3 beauties arrived this week.  I'll be using the round black one as it is the best size on the jacket.  The square one is my fave but it's a tiny bit too squeezy for the belt.

In case you were wondering why the heading of this post is referring to dachshunds - I was just looking at the Netaporter site, and came across this... A dachshund clutch bag!   For a mere snip at 4123 POUNDS!  BUT WHY... WHY??   I point out I have nothing against real life dachshunds whatsoever!  I recommend a close up squizz at the detail on netaporter.

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