Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Patrones top at high speed

Drum roll.... just (sort of) finished my top from the latest Patrones mag (#291).   Off on a work trip tomorrow and wanted to finish it off before I went.   The sewing was a bit rushed and may tweak this top some more after a few days consideration.   

No more sewing until Sunday.  As I'll be mooching around a hotel for much of the time until then I did momentarily think of taking some fabric and patterns with me for cutting out in the hotel room but thought better of it as -
 a.  Maybe a tad obsessive.
b.  I still remember having to unpack my entire suitcase at the airport counter (oh, the embarrassment!) when I was asked if I was carrying any scissors in my luggage - and confessed to having a pair of nail scissors.   Wonder what they would make of a pair of sewing shears?

Now, the top: 

My limited photography skills aren't quite up to decent photos of a shiny fabric like charmeuse under a light globe so a daylight photo of it worn is yet to come.   

This top is not at all difficult to make.  It is a standard shirt construction, apart from the curved front seam.   Speaking of that seam - it needs something... maybe topstitching... . 

I did take quite a bit off the sides (1.5 cm) and shaped them in a bit over the waist.  The top, made according to the pattern has straight sides and is very boxy.

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