Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vogue 1127 Badgley Mischka blouse Mark II

Not so long ago, looking at the gloomy sea of black and grey offerings in my wardrobe I decided I needed to expand my comfort zone and introduce some colour. It must have worked as I'm now slightly obsessed with colour and wild patterns. They do make you feel cheery.
I so love this pattern! This second version of the Vogue 1127 blouse is made as per the pattern (save for a few modifications below).   I've just started making the jacket too - hmmm, not as nice as the pattern photo.  But the blouse is fab.
I was wary of the very, VERY long ties - which being cut on the bias take up a massive amount of fabric. If I ever made this again I'd make them a lot shorter as I'm not that keen on a big bow under my chin. Something about it reminds me of Margaret Thatcher.
I've added short sleeves.
The fabric is a silk chiffon from Textile Traders in Balcatta and it is lined with a thin mauve chiffon.
The pattern is a trapeze shape with a curved hem. I had all kinds of problems with the hem on the first version as I had to take in the sides a lot, which then made the curved hem an issue.

This time I took in the sides - 5cm in at the hemline on each side seam - drawing a line up to the underarm (which was not taken in at all).  I cut the sides a bit longer than the pattern so the hem was a straight line. Looks much better and the hem was far easier.
On to cardigans now... time to dust off this Patrones number...


  1. I love this pattern and I still can't get past the Maggie Thatcher comment.......
    Love the sleeves, which is what I would do for sure.
    Well done.

  2. Love this version of the blouse. Funny, I've also earmarked the Patrone cardigan/shrug(?) but have so many projects it may not come to the top of the list until Spring. You can be my guinea pig.

  3. I was thinking just the same when I recently put away my summer wardrobe - too much black and grey! It looks like you have really mastered the chiffon family - another great top, and I love the colours!