Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Patrones 304

Maybe it is having new reading glasses that I can actually see out of.  Maybe (urrr... well definitely) I am avoiding doing more momentous things (like cleaning the house) by sitting here with a coffee pondering why Patrones looks different this month.   But somehow it does.   I think my copy just had a printing glitch and involves peculiar colours and smudgy bits.  I've touched up the photos to look vaguely normal.
It does have some very nice patterns though.  No difference there.  
This is the summer special.   We are halfway into autumn in Australia but there are still quite a few things that would be fine for our season. 
First, a summer dress section.  The photographer needs a stern talking to for giving us mere garment glimpses.   
Next a section on white shirts - 5 white shirts, a couple of pairs of trousers, a skirt and a pair of shorts.  Very nice. The next 2 are my favourite patterns from this magazine, particularly the second- what a lovely bow detail.    
There is a section on summer casual basics.  Cotton casuals I would say.  shorts, blouses, a few trousers, a dress and even a cotton pants suit.  This top is nice.  
There are 3 summer maternity dresses.
And the final section is the plus size selection which includes an illustration of the fattening power of different clothing styles.  Same woman - but example one:
And example two.
She looks so different in each pic doesn't she?


  1. Hi Jacquie. Thanks for the invite to Potters today. I am desperate for winter fabric (well maybe not desperate but I want some more!) but already have plans today. Count me in next time for sure! Take care, Josie.

  2. I love the chic plus size suit. I noticed that the Patrones "Grandes" special books start at 48 not 50 but perhaps still a little biggish.

  3. I'm loving those summer dresses but I'm Obsessed with dresses anyway! And some of those fabrics are just delicious, thanks for the sneak peek!