Monday, May 23, 2011

Vogue 1226 Rebecca Taylor top

There were a couple of details I left out of the last post on the Patrones topper and I've been very tardy in responding to queries so here is the missing info. 

I mentioned that I'd taken 12cm out of the back neck - that was only from the neck edge (i.e. I took out a triangle, and nothing was taken out of the back hem).  I have a narrow back and usually take out 3cm or so from the neck edge, so anyone making this you may not want to take out a whole 12cm. I'd recommend erring on the side of caution as you can deal with quite a bit of any excess fabric with easestitching.
I made a size 46, although it could be any size given the style. You could make the smallest version and it would fit. I took lots off the sleeve length but as you can see the sleeves are still very long, although I suspect it is one of those fabrics that keeps growing and growing.

If the top looks familiar it is this!  Yes the Vogue 1173 sack.
I kept looking at it unworn on its hanger and decided to do the chop.   It makes a better work top and it will be worn far more.   I ripped the lining out so it is more fluid and shortened the sleeves.

Now, onto the real subject of this post - Vogue 1226. A Rebecca Taylor dress made as a top.

The dress would be lovely but not for me so I just made it as a blouse.
Pattern Sizing: 14-20. I made a 14 as it said 'loose fitting' but should have made a 16 as it was a bit tight around the chest. It isn't loose fitting enough to get away without a full bust adjustment.

Note that it looks high necked because of my photo angle but it isn't. 
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? It is a nice blouse pattern - nothing fancy but the collar is interesting. The back of the collar is sewn into the neck at the end so it makes the collar stand up and the frills splay out. An unusual but nice touch.
Fabric Used: Maroon washed silk.
Pattern alterations: I have unfinished collar edges which wouldn't be to everyone's taste but being a frill-o-phobe I wanted to de-prettify it a bit.  I sewed around the seam line as normal but just didn't turn the collar inside out. 

Other than that, no changes were made. Note, you may want to check the shoulders on this style as I always have to take in the shoulders but not these ones.

Conclusion: I wouldn't make another one but it is a nice and slightly unusual blouse. I'm sure it would make a lovely dress.

On a completely different matter, this month's Manequim is a doozy!  My favourite one yet.  Isn't this leather jacket lovely.



  1. I love this! What a great idea to use this dress pattern to make a top. It looks beautiful - the frill is lovely and that silk is a wonderful rich shade. Gorgeous!

  2. I am absolutely smitten by your RT blouse. Gorgeous colour and style. Can you send me the link to the Manequin subscription? Ta. Gail

  3. That looks great as a top, I really like the ruffle detail, slightly asymmetric which seems to counteract the frilliness (though personally I like a bit of frilliness!).

  4. I love that you chopped the Vogue sack off into a top! I'm sure you'll get much more wear (though, I'm not sure it was possible to get any less, right) out it now!

    Also, that Manequim jacket? I love that the front it off-centre! <3!

  5. Lovley top, I would never have thought of using that dress pattern as a top...I'll have to have another look at it now.

  6. I just love your taste and your sewing skill - yet another beautiful top! This pattern is one I was thinking of getting but when I showed it to someone else they said 'no, too boring'. Judging by your photos they were wrong.