Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Manequim 623 and some freebie patterns

Theme of this Post - I'm closing my eyes to the 'I thought it would be fabulous but is oh so NOT' dress I've been making and showing some snippets of Manequim 623 instead.

This weekend I went to a fancy formal event at short notice and on Friday night started trying to make a dress to wear the following evening.   That scenario is really just made for trouble isn't it?

The dress was this one - it looks nice on the dressform but not half so nice on me.   It needs a fix up.  I'll muse (aka mope) about the Evil Dress for a while until I can tackle it again. 

Manequim 623 - a much better subject!  This is an excellent Manequim month.  Melissa at Fehr Trade has shown some of the styles and here are a few more.

First up 'Production chic' inspired by the style of a TV character.  A woman who wouldn't have a conniption when called upon to find something dressy in her wardrobe.   Nope, she already has frocks, including this great pink number. 
Next some Manequim freebie knits.  The instructions are in portuguese but with internet translation they don't look too difficult for other language speakers.  Knitting instructions may be easier to translate than sewing instructions but err... I stand to be corrected.  
It's a good month for Manequim freebies..... I think this may be a new free downloadable dress pattern?  I haven't noticed it before.  Manequim Size 42.
A tops and skirts section follows.  This blouse is lovely - have a look at the line drawing of the sleeves.
There is a section inspired by Isabel Marant styles including this dress and the wonderful suede jacket.
The jacket has a scary looking layout diagram - scary when you see the intricate Manequim pattern sheets and think of all that tracing and squinting.
Next 'Winter Trends 2011' with a long dress, 2 jackets, day dress and a couple of pairs of trousers.  I rather like this jacket and pants.
A section on skirts of all shapes - panelled pencil, long, midi, wrapped and flared leather mini. 
And finally the Oscars dress special and the 'this goes with that' section.  
I'm looking forward to the next magazine after a flick through the taster.  The dress on the cover is pretty fab.
 Meanwhile, after I have buried the Evil Dress in the depths of some cupboard until I can look at it again, I will be back to a project that was going quite well before I got diverted. Vogue 1098 - the jacket is terrific.


  1. Actually, the dress looks just as lovely on you as on the dress form. Though we can't see your face...maybe it's a colour problem, because there is nothing evil about the photo you have showed us.

  2. Jacqui, Love the evil dress - send it over! I think all you need is a long black necklace to draw the eye down from the bustline.

  3. You know, when I first looked at the picture of you wearing the Evil Dress, my first thought was "holy shit that lining is SHORT - you'd be flashing people at the event, left, right and centre!" (You might not have noticed it, but there's a slight shadow down the centre of the dress - right where your leg is/would be... which is what made me think it was showing where the lining finished!) I realised, must later, that the bottom 8" of the dress is just a different fabric, rather than being a chiffon (etc). Anyways. That's far too long for a comment questioning the decency of an outfit - shoot!

    Btw - you didn't go to the Citizen of the Year awards on Saturday, did you? I was there... wearing a fabulous homemade vintage dress bought at an op shop!

  4. That looks like a great issue, that blouse with the sleeves is my absolute favourite. I actually think your dress looks fine, great match with the shoes. On a similar line to Gail I was thinking if you put some black trim around the white yoke to make it look about an inch smaller all round that might be an easy fix. Not as easy as chucking on a necklace mind so try that first!!

  5. I too think the dress looks better on than you think! And here's some more pattern synchronicity - I was intending to start my own V1098 jacket tonight (but instead seem to be surfing the sewing net). Have you made this jacket before? The pants were a good pattern so I have high hopes...