Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vogues and a giveaway

The Burda June 2010 maxi dress is progressing nicely so far.  I'm crossing my fingers that I don't do something horrible to it at the last moment.  There was a nasty moment when I got the very thin voile completely wedged in the invisible zip but after 15 minutes of trying to coax it out, I managed to free it.  Phew.  Better warn my sister about that or she will find herself having to cut herself out of the dress at some point.

This is how far I've got.  The body is basically done, I just need to line it and finish all the edges.  
Meanwhile, I find that if I'm not inspired to sew something particular, I don't make very good choices and generally stuff it up.  In the last few weeks the one and only pattern that I am besotted by is - Vogue 1217.  And I've been waiting... it makes its way from the US.
It has arrived!  And with it came these lovelies... all so nice. 
I used to primarily sew Vogues until discovering the joys of pattern mags a couple of years ago.  Vogue hasn't been interesting me much of late - until these spring patterns.  A little heavy on the dresses, but there are some great styles for every body type.    It also feels like quite a luxury having instructions and not needing to trace the pattern. 

The fabric I'm planning on using for the Anna Sui dress is the grey patterned silk/cotton remnant below.  I took a flying visit from work to my favourite fabric shop.  Clockwise from the grey fabric is a silk chiffon, a grey/blue patterned rayon jersey, a red and white silk/cotton, and finally a multicoloured batiste. 
Now the giveaway - somehow I ordered 2 of this skirt pattern.  It is size 14-20 for 2 way stretch knits.
Anyone in Australia or NZ who would give it an appreciative home- send me an email (email address under "About me' on your right) by Sunday midnight and I'll do a draw and send it on.   

I'm not specifying Aus /NZ due to stingyness about postage by the way - it is just that we here get BMV patterns months and months behind other countries.  The company insists on selling them in season, so we have to wait until next Southern Hemisphere spring to get this pattern in the shops.

I don't quite get BMV's rationale as today's internet savvy shoppers presumably just buy them from the US site rather than from the Australian site.  However, I digress... if you are from another country that has that same lengthy wait, let me know and I'll include you too.


  1. NICE dress/fabric/pattern selections! I understand the giveaway; a sister gotta do what she has to do :) I am sure there will be other giveaways that we USA's can join in...FIESTA :)

  2. No need to include me in the giveaway (even though we have zero pattern stores here!) - I just wanted to say how gorgeous all your new fabrics are.

  3. You have to pick me!! I love the skirt and I'm as we are the same size, I'll find something that you'd like to swap.

  4. OMG. I'm officially head over heels in love with the cream-with-uneven-red-dots fabric in the picture above! <3 I can't wait to see what you make out of that fabric in particular!

  5. Yes! It is BSC me :-)

    Potters. Bring. It. On.