Sunday, February 27, 2011

Burda maxi dress Mark II

We're having a super long hot spell in Perth and the hotter it is, the less sewing is happening.   You can see everyone getting more tired and grumpy and at least another week more to go.  Bring on that cooler weather! 

I've managed to drag myself off the sofa for long enough make my sister another Burda 6/2010 maxi dress.   If you've done all the tracing and made your first effort I figure you may as well go the whole hog and make a second and it usually turns out better.
If anyone sees a dress like this in Hawaii in the next couple of weeks please say hello to the wearer - it may well be she.  
The fabric is from Textile Traders in Balcatta in Perth- they have a lot of not so nice stuff but unexpectedly they often have terrific silks.  This is a paint spatter print silk charmeuse.
Not sure if they have Textile Traders in other States or if they are just in Western Australia, but they have a number of shops and are very like Spotlight and Lincraft.  Lots of curtaining and unappealing tshirt material but Textile Traders often has really nice silks. And it frequently has a 3rd free offer for everything - free 3rd metre of fabric, 3rd thread, 3rd zip etc etc, so is good value.  I stocked up on threads.
This is a much quicker and easier to make dress when it is unlined. The Burda instructions are quite understandable and there are no surprises.

For anyone thinking of making this - the recommended fabrics are fairly fragile - voile or a thin silk, but the bodice is fitted around the upper back; so make sure there is enough ease so that there is no stress on the seams. I was a bit scared they could rip.
I had problems with the invisible zip in the first version.   This time I tried an excellent method I read about on Things Be.  Ironing the invisible zip works like a dream (make sure you have a cover over the iron though).

And for the next project I've been making a dress for a wedding I'm going to in a couple of weeks.  This is a  danger pattern for me - nothing to do with the pattern itself but my earlier efforts were rather disastrous.  I'm crossing my fingers.  Third time lucky? 


  1. I know your sister will enjoy her dress :)

  2. I LOVE both the maxi dresses you've made - the style and the fabric choices. I'll have to think about making my own, although sewing with fragile/sheer fabrics scares me *shudder* :-).
    Oh, and I envy you for the hot weather :-) - we've got here –10°C and I can't wait for Spring/Summer to come!

  3. Another lovely dress! Good luck with your next dress - it sounds like you are being very wise and giving yourself plenty of time before the event :-)

  4. The dress looks nice I on you. I've cut the one I made back into a top - I didn't like the straight drop from tits to toes (to put it crudely).