Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Patrones 299 and 301

A nice new clump of pattern mags has landed in the post box.   December and February Manequim arrived on the same day, and now Patrones No. 299 and 301 arrived a few days apart.   Ah, the mysteries of international mail.  As long as they keep on coming I'm happy. 

Excuse the dodgy pictures - my laptop finally died and whilst I've got a replacement on loan it flatly refuses to recognise the scanner on my printer - so photos it is. 

First off Patrones No. 301 - Spring Special.   
This is a shorts and jackets focussed edition with some nice dresses.
The first section is an LBD feature, I think called 'Black never fails'.  There's a couple that remind me of Project Runway when they do the 'make something out of car parts' challenge.   Have a look at the cover dress and this:
Here is a lovely and simple LBD.
The next section is jackets and shorts. 
Then some bright patterned casual pieces.
 And a couple of wedding dresses.
And finally Patrones favourite model for the larger size feature - who no doubt thinks 'Ah, it'll be the beach again will it?' whenever they book her.  Here she is at the beach again in a lovely colourful top and a nice casual dress.
And I think we may be up for another special by the looks of the back page.  Extra Fiesta - roll on 10 March (plus mystery postage time)!.   
Now on to Patrones No. 299.  I'm not massively keen on this one - not much variation. 
The first section is 'A winter walk'.
A couple look very similar to earlier Patrones patterns.
Next up 'Character Jackets' which contains my favourites from this mag.  This is nice.
And I love the sequined cardigan the model is wearing under the jacket in this pic.
The next section is 'New Coats'.
 The larger size section - at the beach of course - has a couple of very nice jackets.
 And I think we may be getting another special from the looks of this.  This is good!


  1. ooh thanks for the rundown! I just ordered 299, 300, 301, and "PATRONES EXTRA COSTURA FACIL-00003" (whatever that is) from last week so they should be here any day now. If Patrones are starting spring styles already, I'll probably only have one or two issues left before their summer starts and my buying stops!

  2. There's something really wrong with the crotch of shorts 17 in the first issue. Thank you for the review.

  3. I love the lace sticking out from the bottom of all the shorts, different :)
    I think at the back of 301 it says something like "from now on two issues each month" dare we hope?

  4. What is I tried to find this site and couldn't. It's mentioned in Melissas comment above. I have bought a few Patrones and really loved some of the designs. I am a very very beginner sewer though and am not sure I'm ready for magazine patterns yet! I love to read the blogs though! Thanks.

  5. is an on-line shop of the books and magazines, in Spain.
    with you can find it