Saturday, February 19, 2011

Patrones 300

Another Patrones turned up!  My goodness.
No. 300.   The Spring forward issue.  I have to admit I never much like spring and summer editions.  Usually full of floaty dresses, shorts and skimpy tops and everything else I don't wear.  This issue, however, is more focussed on practical transitional season items.   It doesn't have a plus size section given that we are about to get a plus size special, but it does have maternity and baby clothes sections. 
First off is "New Attitudes' with jackets and casual pants and shorts. 
These pyjama style pants are quite cute although I suspect I live the life where people would think they really were pyjama bottoms.
The next section is 'spring breeze' with more casual separates.  This mini trench is nice and the Mango dress.
I really like the next section - 'Office Practices' - practical indeed!   My absolute favourite from this magazine - this cowl top. 
Next a maternity section with tops and trousers.
And some very sweet baby clothes.
How great is this?  Another extra mag is on its way - Easy Sewing.  How often do you subscribe to a magazine and get tons more editions than you were expecting?  Impressive.


  1. I love the look of these Patrones magazines you're sharing with us - lots that's interesting and even sew-worthy; very tempting! Can you read the instructions, or do you use your existing clothes construction knowledge and nut it out?

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for this post. This is exactly the information I was looking for! I have been wondering if the whole magazine was worth purchasing for the cowl top pattern and you have helped immensely.

  3. My Especial and Avance issues arrived within days of each other too. A Patrones subscription is great except that mine always includes a children s pattern issue which is not of any use to me. I liked a lot of items in both issues. The suede shorts in new attitudes, though they are not practical for my lifestyle or the climate I live in. And the two jackets, the skirts and the dress in Office Practical. Too many patterns, not enough time.

  4. I buy my Patrones off the newsagency shelf. Great for previewing but I am still on 2010 issues. I've never made myself anything from my growing collection of Patrones. What size do you cut if you don't mind my asking?