Sunday, January 30, 2011

Burda June maxi-dress Pt 1

I've been doing quite a bit of sewing in the evenings this week - or more precisely, tracing and making muslins, with mixed success - 3 skirts (one rejected for now, one iffy and one that cross my fingers may be nice), 1 dress (looking good so far) and a top (how quickly can I hide it in the bin?).  

The dress is a maxi dress for my sister.  She's off to Hawaii for a holiday soon and this looks like the perfect attire for sipping mai tais by the beach. 
The pattern is from June 2010 Burda.   
The muslin is looking promising (the stripes are a bit distracting but the fit is nice).  She tried it on this morning and it looks good and just needs a centimetre taken in on the sides and the shoulder seams. 
It's dead easy to make.  The only issue is the front tucks.  When I traced out the pattern I marked in the tuck marks I saw - 10 of them, each of which ended up being about 1.5 cm wide to fit them to the yoke.  But looking at the photo (it is clearest in the pic of the top version) there are meant to be far more tucks (18?)and they are thinner.  Weird - I'll have to go back to the pattern and locate the missing lines. 
The fabric my sister picked out from the stash is this silk/cotton voile.  There isn't anything wrong with your eyes - it is a combination of being doubled over and the smudgy pattern.  It's very pretty in real life!
I've never worn a maxi dress although I love the look of them on other people.  I tried this muslin on myself and can see why they are so popular.  Wow, how comfortable and you feel so glamorous.  Maybe after finishing this one for my sister I'll try one for me.  It would certainly improve on my normal scruffy 'at home' wear.   This one from the same Burda is particularly nice. 


  1. That fabric certainly is gorgeous - it's going to make a beautiful dress! So far I have made myself one maxi dress (from a Simplicity pattern) and I keep meaning to make another one because I love it. As you say, there is something about a maxi dress that makes you feel very glamorous.

  2. Good luck with the dress. I made a silk version which was a mess in the end.