Saturday, January 15, 2011

A couple more projects

Going back to work has certainly put a crimp in my sewing and internet-y activities, but I'm planning to remedy that this weekend.   Lots cut out and I'm raring to go!

I did get a couple more basics finished before going back to work. 

Okay, this is overkill but I made another of the October Burda tie neck blouses.  This is the last!  The pattern has now officially been retired.    The fabric is a black silk georgette (a remnant from Potter Textiles - bargain!).    I cut the tie wider and longer and this time only one edge of the tie was sewn to the neck, so the other side is free.    
The trousers are another pair of the skinny trousers from Burda 3/2010 (style 109B) - without the pockets this time.  The pockets are meant to be in the side seams but gape - much easier without!  The fabric is a stretch heavy cotton drill in tan - another one I'd had in the drawer for years and years and I'm delighted to have finally made into something. 
And finally, my first Manequim project.  Style 408 from November issue No. 616. I love it although there are a few 'issues' which I am going to try and fix up with a second version in a cream silk and I'll do a review for it when that is finished. 
Bye for now...


  1. You've got some great pieces there, nothing wrong in getting lots of mileage out of one pattern!

  2. I agree with AllisonC, TNTs have their place in any wardrobe. Love the fabric of the Manequim top. Can't wait for your review, I love the styles you've shown us but want more info on the fit/sizing etc.

  3. You really are milking that BWOF pattern. I am definitely including it in my collection. Your mannequin top is cute too.