Saturday, January 1, 2011

November Manequim No. 2

A feast of Manequim magazines is turning up at the moment - Manequim No. 616 arrived this week and it is the best yet.   
I have to confess I haven't made anything from these yet.   The ones I want to make involve some pattern grading to make them my size so they've been put aside for a tracing and grading mood. This edition, however, has quite a few that won't need grading up. 

So many great tops that don't look too complicated to make.    
This edition has the regular section recreating clothes worn by TV people.   
And another section with party clothes on one of the actresses, which includes this magnificent silver dress and the cover outfit. 
An inspired by nature section with some casual basics.
There is a really nice selection of larger sizes inspired by Queen Latifah.
A section of pretty party gear. 
And finally, the mix and match section which shows some of the ones I haven't shown (they have black stars next to them).


  1. Hi Jacquie
    I follow your blog, and now live in Brazil. I also subscribe to Manequim (by the way the Jan magazine looks great). If you need any information or help translating anything let me know.
    Happy New Year
    Claudia (

  2. Hi Jacquie, it really does look like the Manequim magazines have lots of interesting patterns in them. How do you find the sizing compares to that of Vogue or Burda? (Vaguely considering replacing my Burda mag purchases... )

  3. So not fair. Were can I buy this magazine?

  4. Thanks for the very kind offer Claudia! Looking forward to the Jan issue - I'm loving the styles in Manequim.

  5. Hi Gabrielle, Melissa at Fehr Trade indicated that she has to go up a size from Burda. I'm trying my first Manequim pattern at the mo, which is a size 46 and looks like it equates to a 16 vogue, although it is a loose fit style. I guess the downside with Manequim is that unlike Burda or Patrones, each style usually comes in only one size.

  6. oh damn! This issue is so much better than December's (which is the first of my subscription and just arrived). Tons of flowy, floaty summery caftans and maxi-dresses which aren't me at all. I'll review it at some point this week...

    (and yeah, I'm Burda 42, Manequim 44, Patrones 44/46, KnipMode 42, etc etc)