Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Patrones 298

I'd thought that my Patrones subscription via ModeInfo had expired so it was a very nice surprise when Patrones 298 turned up today. 

This is the 'Joven' or young edition.    The last 'Joven' wasn't that different from the normal Patrones, apart from the sizes only going up to 46 rather than 48, but this one does seem to have a tad more of a young fashion slant.
The 41 patterns are comprised of jackets, trousers, waistcoats, blouses - almost no dresses or skirts.  Most of the items are fairly plain but the accessories are fab. 
The first section 'The New Chic' includes pants, tops and jackets.    I like this outfit although the accessories give it the oomph.
A couple of tops look intriguing from the line drawings, although not quite so keen on the outfit overall for the first - I'm having flashbacks to the early 80s!
And the second, although from the pattern pieces maybe it is just an elongated cowl top.    
This blue blouse is nice.
The next section I think is called 'Tell Me How To Dress' and according to internet translation aims at those who love sequins, the 80s (see, my 80s flashbacks weren't just in my head!), country look, bohemian and romantic styles.   A simple sequined vest, a little zippered jacket, a rara skirt,  a pair of simple shorts and these 2 blouses. 

Next up - masculine/boy styles.
This outfit has a cute Oliver Twist/androgynous vibe on the model.   Urh... but not for me.   The trousers also look strangely like a tshirt worn upside down.  
Am I imagining it or do nearly all photos for Patrones plus size sections get taken on a beach?    The patterns this month are 'Casual Style' and include a nice hooded coat, with a blouse and jean style trousers. 
And this blouse and skirt, both of which are gorgeous.
And there always has to be one dubious style in every magazine - this time the dress below - dubious because it is so deeply unflattering on the model.
Looking forward to the next one - the full winter season edition, which promises a 'classy winter'.
And I have been doing some sewing - I'm currently working on this blouse from October Burda in a chartreuse hammered silk.   So far, so good - cross my fingers. 

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