Saturday, December 18, 2010

Manequim October

I'd been wondering where my Manequim subscription had got to and should I be worried?  I subscribed in July; December is on their website and the only magazine I'd received was September.   Happily, October's magazine has turned up - posted on 8 October, so they must just come by sea mail.  
It's summer in Australia and one of the nice things about Manequim is that it is from Brazil, also enjoying summer.  So here are 33 nice summery patterns.   Although tracing off the patterns looks challenging - ewww!  Look at this!
I've never seen Manequim on Ebay or in shops, but a subscription to the magazine costs US$135 and can be obtained by emailing Be prepared for a slow process though.

Rather than being a straight pattern mag like Burda or Patrones, Manequim is more like a fashion magazine that includes patterns.   It has RTW clothes too, make up features,  home decor, recipes etc.  And the odd quirky accessory to make.  Anyone have a Nespresso machine?   Been wondering what to do with all those empty coffee pods?   
My personal favourites are this very pretty blouse (drafted up - it's size 40).
This tshirt - there are 3 similar styles in the mag.
And this dress - love the neck and sleeve details although after having a look at the instructions and pattern pieces I wouldn't have a clue how to put it together.
There is a section on styles inspired by a TV celeb. The black dress is interesting - close up below, although I'm not sure about the chain feature.
There is another section featuring 'architectural' styles which includes the cover outfit and a couple of nice dresses.  
 There's a section inspired by Pucci.
And a casual section with dropped crotch pants and shorts, jacket, dress, tee and skirt.
And finally a special for kids.  For the under 2s:
For 3-5s. 
and for 6-8 years. 

I haven't made anything from Manequim yet but I think I'm going to start with that lovely blue blouse... I have just the fabric.


  1. Mine arrived too, I'm so glad I get to have a sneak peak on your blog, I can't wait to get my hands on my copy and have a flick through :)

  2. Nice! I subscribed a few months ago so I'm expecting my first issue in January (fingers crossed).

    I've made a few Manequim things and I've found that I have to go up one size from Burda. I'm a Burda 42 and Patrones 44 and the 44 in Manequim fits me really well, even though I should be a 46 by their chart.

  3. Wow - it looks great. I already buy Patrones and Burda off my newsstand and have subscribed to Octobbre. Do I really need more patterns?