Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hong Kong 2

Ah Hong Kong, totally enjoyed it.   In 6 days I had only the most superficial look, actually so superficial that it pretty much consisted of tourist spots and shopping malls but I came home relaxed and happy and with an overstuffed suitcase. 

I hadn't been to Hong Kong since the mid 1990s, but I'm sure there won't be such a big gap before going back again after realising it is clothing and sewing heaven.  If you want to go on a clothes and fabric buying trip - this is the place.   

As I mentioned in my last post I had a wander in the fabric district Sham Shui Po.  It is big and varied and a bit overwhelming in its choice so the plan of action next time would be to set aside a day, work out what I need to buy and hone in on the streets to visit.  

I stumbled upon the bead and trimming streets and acquired these goodies for AU$4 each- for adorning some plain tshirts.  
One of the very nice things that happened in HK was meeting Allison of Allison C's Sewing Gallery in the flesh.  It was lovely meeting you Allison!  We were going to have a trip around Sham Shui Po but due to my not organising it properly at the beginning of the trip and running out of time on the day as I was meant to be checking out of the hotel, we made do with a coffee instead.  Which was probably a very good thing as my luggage was just an eensy weensy bit under the weight limit when it got to the airport!

I understand from Allison that there is a fabric market in Sham Shui Po.   I didn't stumble across that in my trip but did get as far as streets filled with swatches of fabric which I assume are the wholesale fabric shops. 
I also had a great time looking at designer clothes and sneaking a peek at how they were made.  I'm now quite inspired for a sewing binge.  I'd better hurry up as there are only 29 days until I have to go back to work.   What a horrible thought!

And a couple of last memories - the lovely christmas lights on the buildings.....
And our hotel which was gorgeous with fantastic views of Hong Kong Island.  Pic from hotel website, but it really did look like this..... 
and I was ridiculously impressed that they changed the lift carpets every day, showing the new day of the week.   Gosh...

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  1. It was great to meet you too Jacquie and I hope we will be able to do it again in the not too distant future. You have some great photos and I really like the bling you found in Sham Shui Po, I think I'm going to head over there next week and see what I can find.