Wednesday, December 22, 2010

November Manequim (No.1)

I've been furiously sewing for the past week.   Only 13 days 'til I go back to work (sob) and I can't fit into most of my work clothes.  So my next post will have some actual, sewn clothes!  
But for the moment, another Manequim has turned up!   I just realised when looking at the Manequim site that there are 2 November issues - so there are 13 magazines a year.  No. 617 arrived today which is a high summer edition by the looks of it.   Lots of swimwear, beach gear etc.  
Manequim doesn't have an overview page showing all the styles, but you can see quite a few in a section where they show combinations of patterns with RTW and accessories.   The patterns are the ones titled 'Molde' with the black star.
The first magazine section is romantic summery styles. 
 A section on minis - but I'm more interested in the cute blouses. 
A selection of holiday clothes to mix and match, including a bikini, jumpsuit, wrap top, floppy shorts and a couple of beach cover ups.
A section of 'summer hits' with more cute tops.  Some of these Manequim patterns have a lot of pattern pieces!
And finally, bathers and beach cover ups for different figure types.
Now, back to my sewing room....


  1. Thanks for sharing all these photos of what is inside. Have you sewn anything from one of these yet?

  2. I might have to try and get my mits on this magazine, it looks amazing, which makes me realise that I much prefer summer sewing than winter (such as it is over here) sewing.