Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Manequim 631

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!  

Back to work for me today after a nice few days break. Blah! But a treat was awaiting after I moped home. The first of the new Manequim subscription.
The last one ran out mid year but I made a meal of renewing it.  I emailed the renewal form (3 x), posted the renewal form (2 x) and finally faxed it.  In the midst my credit card expired and I re-translated the form and realised I had filled it in wrong.  Aaarghhh!! By the end I was going to renew that subscription or die trying!      

So, what is in it?  Lots of summery things and big on dresses.  They have some freebie patterns too.  First up a tiered skirt, shorts and cotton dress inspired by a young TV actress.   
Then the dress section modelled by I think another TV person?  This is elegant.
Next up beachey clothes including this light cotton top. 
The next section is 'Summer Fabrics'.  Culottes, a blouse, maxi dress, 2 pairs of pants and a summery top.  Funnily there are a couple of things in this Manequim that I'm sure I've seen in earlier editions but in different fabrics.  Including this dress. 
A section of white clothes follows.  A maxi skirt, shorts, 4 simple dresses - full-skirted, racerback maxi, shift and long wrap styles, wide legged trousers and this top.
My favourite in this magazine is in a larger size dress section. 
And last but not least, if you  are going to be needing a formal dress in the near future, Manequim has a new freebie at Manequim patterns, as well as some others that have been up for a few months.  The new one:
And the older ones. 

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  1. im brazilian and I know and have mannequin magazines. they are great indeed.