Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Patrones 310

Happy Christmas!

And here is the Festive Season Patrones - of black clothes.  That's unusual isn't it?  A little gloomy but very practical.  
As you would expect, lots of dresses for the party season. 
Ok, here we go.  The first section is cocktail dresses.  I love this one but...cough.... it takes 17.05 metres of fabric!  Look at the interesting cutting layout.
This little jacket is nice too. 
This one is a bit dubious though.
Next we have Rebel Without a Cause which I think is party separates with a Western feel.  A strappy dress, singlet, 2 suit jackets, bustier, jumpsuit, tie neck blouse, frilly lace blouse, baggy crotch pants and this frilly blouse, waistcoat and skirt.
And next Tango Attitude, which has a lingerie-ish feel.  3 petticoatish dresses, a waistcoat, jacket, top, topper and skirt. 
And these very smart looking trousers.
Next (the best bit I think) is a section on Little Black Dresses. 8 in all, with different styles and some very smart ones. My favourite is the draped black dress below.  Isn't it nice?
And finally - colour!  The larger size section with 3 dresses including this lovely red one. 
The next Patrones is the advance Spring. 
Have a lovely time everyone!


  1. Wow, can't wait to get mine, it can't be far away. Love dress #37 and page 15 too even though it is a bit pirate-like :) I am looking forward to the Christmas break and getting my sewing mojo back, it's been so busy at work I haven't even looked at my machine xx

  2. 17 yards - wow! Can you imagine just cutting that one out? BTW I'm sure you have said before, but who do you use for your Patrones subscription, it seems a lot more reliable and faster than mine.

  3. You lucky girl! I've got a subscription made with my local provider here in Germany, and all I got until today (Dec 22!!) is the Patrones 307. So, imagine, I was pretty astonished to see that the magazine did it to Australia up to no. 310 already. But I do hope to get the next ones sometime, and until then I will take a look in your blog. So, thanks a lot. Ute.

  4. Happy Christmas to you too, Jacquie! I guess although black is not very cheery it's always a popular dress colour! These Patrones patterns always look so interesting. That fabric eater dress does look lovely - what a lot of fabric though! - and I like the cool trousers and the tango attitude stuff too.