Monday, December 12, 2011

Blouse 109 Burda 8/2011

Calling Darby!   The Patrones you won is still here.  If you email me by the end of the week I'll send it on to you.   

I've been a bad, bad blogger and blog reader!     

There hasn't been much sewing mojo around my sewing room for a while.  After a few things on the trot that went awry and looked awful, I decided to hang up the scissors of doom for a while and concentrate on other things (mostly blobbing in front of the TV).  But it's time to get over it - I'm running out of summer work clothes.

Moderately successful is blouse 109 from August Burda.  
It's a lovely design.  It's a very basic pattern with the addition of a raw edged frill.  My frill is slightly less frilly than it would normally be as I didn't have enough fabric to cut it fully on the bias but it looks fine.  There are a few blouses in the same mag made out of this pattern.
I used navy silk charmeuse.  The body is made on the non shiny side.
The blouse is quite roomy so I didn't do a full bust adjustment.
It was a lot longer in the back than the front.  I had to shorten the back a bit as it looked weird.
The frill is raw edged and I suspect you need a rotary cutter to get the edge looking totally straight.  The blouse has rather interesting concealed buttons. 
I didn't follow the Burda instructions as their way of neatening the frill sounded a bit fiddly.  I did the hem last rather than first and made the frill in the following way.
Sew along fold line on right side.
Trim, turn and sew. 
And then when you turn the facing back and sew a line to create the placket, it looks like this.
Something colourful next time methinks.  I bought these great cottons a little while ago at Potters Outlet store.  Yummy.  Now... what to make?



  1. Love how you used the silk on this beautiful blouse. Very chic.

  2. hmmmm... sundress?

    lovely blouse, also.

  3. Sometimes you just need to chill in front of the TV.

    I think your blouse looks really nice - hopefully it kick starts your mojo.

  4. I really like your blouse. Unusual and chic. As for the cotton, is it heavy-weight enough for a skirt? Needs a simple pattern to show off that wonderful print.

  5. Ha ha I've been watching a bit more TV lately too, but I was telling myself it was 'spending more time with my partner'. In any case the decent shows will all stop for summer soon won't they?

    I always like what you make - this blouse looks elegant and great for work. For the pretty cottons would they suit summer cover-up blouses? Or would there be enough fabric for a maxi dress like you made for your sister?

  6. I liked this blouse pattern when I saw it. Very clean lines, but the frill adds interest. It looks great in the silk fabric you chose. I like those pants you are wearing too, especially the color.

  7. Jacquie we are women of similar taste. I saw this blouse and was immediately drawn to it. Had earmarked it for my navy silk, but I may have to rethink. Really looking forward to my trip...17 more sleeps!

  8. Lovely reviews, thankyou.


  9. Hi, just sent you an email to apologise for my tardiness in replying to the Patrones Giveaway, I hope that I am not too late. Can't believe I won, thanks.