Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vogue 1217 and Burda blouse 10/2011

Any readers who live in a cold climate.... can I come and live with you?  Help!  The weather forecast here for the next week is 40 degrees celcius, 41, 39, 42, 40, 40, 40.  It's ghastly HOT. 

In dire need of hot weather clothes a quickish cotton top was the go.   This fabric is so loud I wasn't sure what to make out of it but eventually picked Vogue 1217, an Anna Sui dress pattern.    
I just realised there are only 2 reviews of this pattern on Sewing Pattern Review - and one of them is by me.   When it came out I assumed it would be quite popular so I'm surprised.  Good job I'm not a Vogue pattern picker, I'd never have a clue what would sell.  

Anyway, it's a nice pattern - give it a try.  Maybe it's better as a top than a dress?   In fact the dress pattern is so mini it doesn't take much to make it a tunic!

This is the version I made a while ago.  Oh how I loved this top until I managed to put a giant rip in it one day! 
It's meant to have a fabric frill attachment but in this print it looked like my chest was exploding.
The fabric is a light cotton from Potters Outlet store.  
Now for a not at all summery and not very successful blouse from Burda 10/2011. 

I think I went wrong with the fabric choice.  Black charmeuse (too heavy) and a black silk georgette remnant for the frilly thing - not too sure what to call it but mine looks disturbingly like a built in napkin. 
But the magazine photo looked so nice!   The Burda version was in 2 layers of georgette and the napkin was in a single layer.  With the benefit of hindsight, this one really needs a very light fabric. 
The napkin is a rectangle with a narrow hem (or left raw if you like the deconstructed look which  Burda did).  A 'V' is staystitched. 
Then the V is basted on either side of the neck point.
You then do your facings or binding and placket as normal. 

The last time I went to Melbourne I came across these little covered snaps and used them for the closures. 
Back to the aircon for me! 


  1. I really like your Vogue blouse better than either the envelope photo or tech drawing - on you, it really reminds me of that Manequim silk blouse pattern I love so much. Boxy, but with a cool neck detail.

    (and you can totally come and crash with us - our winter's been fairly mild so far, too!0

  2. I'm hearin' ya! Light, cotton tops (coupled with water-suitable shoes) is de rigeur here at the moment.

    I love the placement of that print on your first top...gives it a real starburst effect.

  3. The Vogue pattern does look nice as a top. Though the print is large, the dark colors and the pixelation make it look very modern. Re the Burda, your built in napkin description had me chuckling. I think you are right, the fabric needs to be lighter weight. I have never been a fan of black tops, even though they are consider basic and versatile. I always like the colors of the tops you sew. Keep cool!

  4. I love the shoulder placement of the big flower. next vogue pattern sale..i will purchase the pattern! stay cool.

  5. Jacquie! Oh my goodness! I love the placement of that purple flower on the blouse so much - looks so amazingly stylish!

  6. I LOVE that fabric! I agree with Katherine, perfect placement and the perfect pattern for such a large scale print.

    I'm not envying all the Perth Facebook posts about the 40 degree heat wave, I'll take the wind - although it's nice and sunny today ;)

    I'm going to have to come for a visit at top up my Potter's fabrics, was going through my stash on the weekend and ohhing and ahhing at the pieces I've bought and feeling like popping on down to West Leederville, doh! :)

  7. Come to my place - it is minus 20 Celsius today!WELCOME!

  8. I really like that fabric. What a unique top! It's funny how some patterns are wildly popular and others just seem to be overlooked. I always wonder what other people are seeing that I don't!

  9. Thank heavens you have aircon - it must be like an oven outside! I love the Vogue top and it looks really cool and fresh. The Burda blouse is lovely too - I've been quite tempted by that one myself!

  10. Poo to the heatwave. How anyone in Perth survives without some air-con is completely beyond me. I'm trying to think about autumn jackets, but failing

  11. Ha! Just pop over to Sydney - we've barely seen Summer here! (just make sure you bring a big umbrella)

    I also love your fabric placement on that first top, and the way you have the flower matching up on the side seam - looks fabulous. I have to agree though that this "dress" is better as a top - way, way too short for a dress. Unfortunately the top I made from this pattern has proved to be too cropped so it's in the recycling pile.

    Shame you're not so happy with the second top, but I do think it's cool looking. I would definitely wear it ... no one is really going think you have a napkin on you!

  12. Heatwave - Sydney has had no summer at all and Europe had no winter while I was there! Love all of your blouses, especially the back. Had a laugh about the built in napkin comment - doesn't look that way in the photo.

  13. I could share my home with you right now ... only 18 degrees Celsius here, but I hate the cold! I do not understand your displeasure with this blouse, it's fantastic photos and looks very elegant .... I think you are very demanding with yourself ...