Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Patrones #308 Blouse and a giveaway

It's time for another giveaway - Patrones #308.  If you entered for the last one (#307) but were unsuccessful I'll add you into this one.  Otherwise, make a comment expressing your interest before midnight next Wednesday Perth time and you'll be in the draw. 
Summer has arrived as has the need for some new work clothes.  I've made a couple of things from this Patrones.   The first is Model 32 worn with skirt with tucks 14.  I'll review the skirt in another post but here's the top in a black, white and red silk. 
This is in the plus size patterns which are from Patrones sizes 50-58.  I figured it is meant to be loose fitting in any case so used a very untechnical method of leaving off the seam allowances all over and taking a couple of centimetres off each of the side seams to grade it down.  It seems to fit ok. 
This is an easy top, well except for the collar which bamboozled me.  I'm sure there is a sensible way of making the collar that has escaped me but with for anyone else who is making this top this is how I made it, copied off a RTW top.  First the right hand side.
 Is this making any sense?
Now the left hand side. Make loops.
And then finally sew to the neck. 
And finally hand sew the turned under edge to the neck seam.   So it ends up looking like this.
I'm very happy with this one and now onto making another blouse from this Patrones.


  1. Yes! I'm here again! Ready for the prize.

  2. That's a FABulous blouse. Hmmm... I only just now figured out how to comment on your blog. I was wondering how everyone was making comments! (Then I thought, maybe it's just me, maybe I'm BLOCKED... hahah, because frankly I would maybe block me from making comments too.)

    Anyway, that blouse is amazing!

  3. I'm not after the prize, but it's usually impossible to post a comment on your blog. This is my chance to let you know how much I appreciate and enjoy your postings!

  4. Hello! THe bluse is great - I like it!
    May I try to participate? ( I am form Russia)

  5. Another lovely blouse! You do so well to stay current with your sewing and sew from these magazines as you receive them. A characteristic to be much admired as I look around at the piles of magazines and fabric littering my room, with no completed projects.

  6. the blouse is fantastic! I would love to make one too!
    Count me into the drawing!!! Im a huge fan of Patrones and try to pick them up from ebay when i have extra money. winning one would be sweet!

  7. Hi, I love this pattern! I'd love to participate in the giveaway, but I think I would have to grade down the pattern. Anyway, count me in :)

  8. I absolutely love your top and may do the same thing if my copy ever arrives, along with #307. I am optimistic though so don't enter me in the giveaway!

  9. This is an unudual top! Great job!
    And of course I want this Patrones!

  10. Can you please count me in? Your blouse looks very special - looks like a great weight of silk, and a striking design. You do so well with "tricky" fabrics!

  11. Wow, I would not have known where to start! Thanks for the tutorial. Would love to win, thanks for the chance!

  12. Ah, nothing like a sewing challenge - which in this case is sewing something from a magazine written in Spanish.

    I really like the top you made in this post.

  13. Hi Jacquie, Fabulous blouses and I love the red and black fabric. Don't put me in your drawer - I am drowning under pattern overload.